New Antenna Situation

After some years of using the separate beams for 20-15-10 and 12-17 ( see left picture below) I decided to take this bunch of aluminum out of my tower. After all these were full-size 2 element beams. I have replaced these with 1 adjustable 2 element full size beam (Ultrabeam 6-40)  which operates from 40 to 6 m. Ofcourse on 40 and 30 m acting as a dipole antenna, but a dipole which is at 18 m high and turnable. It gives me a lot more dx on 40 and 30 now.


To the left the old situation and to the right the new situation. The lower beam is used for the magic band (6 m).

Picture was taken wit the tower in lowered position due to upcoming wind gusts.